Music Administrative Services and Rights Management

We provide full Music Administrative Services to our growing and diverse roster of writers, artists, musicians, producers and corporate clients alike.

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Music Administrative Services

The Mezzo Agency LLC is a global music administrative services provider founded in 2018. We offer our clients all core services involved in the release, protection and publishing of music, such as copyright registration, catalog management, licensing, royalty distribution and more.

We provide extensive music administration services to our clients; we look after all aspects of your composition, from organizing your catalog to registering your works with appropriate agencies. We aim for you to have hassle-free music business administration.

The administrative side of the music business can be incredibly complex. Registering and administering copyrights, negotiating licenses, tracking song usage and collecting payments for song royalties aren’t tasks that just anyone can (or should) do. But it’s what we do best at Words & Music.

Whether you’re an independent songwriter or a large publishing house, you’ll find that our administrative services are intentionally tailored to make your life easier.  No middlemen, no hassles, and no run-around…just simple line-by-line statements of song royalties and quarterly checks.

Maintain Authenticity

Your most loyal fans recognise you and your music style, but the audience you are yet to discover won’t! With every single fraudulent copy of your track out in the world, your unique style and authenticity is called into question and this can hinder your growth and future success.

Increase Earnings

Whenever your music is stolen and released someone else is making money on each and every stream, download or purchase of your work.

Here at 1710Media, we know you’ve worked hard for that money and want to see you compensated for your work.

Retain Credit

Unfortunately, plagiarised uses of content are very common in the digital world. As an artist the credit for the creation of your release is important.

If you don't protect your music, you are allowing someone else to steal the credit and you can look like you are a fraud.

What Is Music Administrative?

In this fast-paced music world where online music can become an instant hit, most music creators are being exploited as they are unaware of their rights and the ways to protect their work. We at The Mezzo Agency aim to support and advocate for such vulnerable musicians, songwriters, and artists by helping set up their businesses through proper metadata enrichment and registrations for royalties. We are so committed to ensuring your rights are managed and protected that unlike most publishers, we never take any ownership of song copyrights.

We use state-of-the-art technology to provide our clients value at a nominal price so they can sleep at night knowing their music rights are protected. We firmly believe that music creators are the most valuable to the music “supply chain” yet the most underserved.


Importance of Music Administrative Services

We believe in empowering music creators; our mission is to provide administrative support at every level of your music career. Whether you’re new to the music business, or an established music creator seeking administrative services for your current catalog, we can assess and provide services to meet your needs.

  • Create and maintain song files for all active titles
  • Register copyrights and sound recordings with the Library of Congress
  • Clear and/or index titles with the performing rights societies, review and maintain accurate registrations, submit cue sheets, handle counter claims and erroneous registrations
  • Register with and collect from international sub-publishing affiliates
  • Submit song schedules and activity to foreign sub-publishers for collections
  • Negotiate and execute all license types (no U.S. third party licensing agent utilized)
  • Monitor and claim publishing for online videos (YouTube)
  • Conduct line item audits on all source documents, ensuring that licensees are paying correct rates, reporting accurate units and paying for all licensed usages
  • Render statements to client, and any designated royalty recipients under contract with client, on a quarterly basis
  • Solicit compositions for film, TV and commercial placements worldwide
  • Facilitate co-writing opportunities and artist collaborations

Our Music Administrative Services

We offer extensive music administration services to help ease the paperwork and registration process, allowing you to be more focused on being creative.

Administrative Consultation

We can help you navigate various contracts and other business agreements and communications, advise on contract negotiation and dispute resolution and help you in finding suitable legal representation where needed. We can save you money by advance preparation before you hire a lawyer.

A&R Administration

We handle Administration during the recording process; this includes managing budgets, preparing and organizing your label copies, producer declarations & deals, collecting all necessary metadata for song/album credits, including publishing split information, side artist clearances and submission of contracts for musicians, so forth.

Music Company Registration

1710Media is equipped with accredited experts and the necessary resources to assist you complete Music Company registration in Nigeria.

We can help you register your Business name, Private Limited Company, or non-profit organization.

Music Copyright Registration

It is very important to register both new works (sound recordings, music videos and compositions) and assignments (short form and asset schedules) with the NCC. This allows you the legal claims to your song and the ability to monetize them. 1710Media will assist you through the process and eliminate the hassle.

Music Publishing Administration

We can help with all aspects of publishing administration including collecting your current or past performance Royalties.

1710Media administers and collects publishing royalties from many countries all over the world directly from societies such as MCSN, PRS, IMRO, BMI, ASCAP, Buma Stemra, GEMA, SACEM etc.

Neighboring Rights Admin

1710Media can collect your royalties for Neighboring Rights worldwide! We collect royalties on sound recordings, aka ‘masters', owned by labels and artists/performers for their music that is publicly performed on radio, in venues such as clubs, (when they are legally licensed), bars, TV, etc.

Music Trademark Registration

Our Trademark Registration service can help protect your name – and your work – from misuse and infringement. We conduct Trademark Search, Prepare and File Application with the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade & Investment.

Music Contract Drafting

If you are looking for a professional and experienced music business agreement / contract drafting service, then you are at the right place. Services include an initial discovery call, contract drafting, and unlimited contract revisions.

Youtube Content ID

Protect against & monetize any unauthorized use of your tracks. Generate royalties from YouTube videos that use your content without your consent.

Gain valuable insight into how your music is used on YouTube while monetizing every single use of your content.

Youtube Channel Management

YouTube Channels are the mechanism by which you can effectively manage your YouTube content to build a subscriber following & engage with your customer base.

Hire 1710Media to manage your YouTube channel, engage with your audience and help you grow.

Music Data Analytics

1710Media helps Music & Entertainment Professionals make smarter and faster business decisions by providing reliable data, beautiful visuals, and in-depth insights. We provide you the opportunity to access deep data analysis about your career.

Music Event Management

With our Event Management services, 1710Media specializes in the organization of events, concerts, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, meetings, Festivals, Release Parties, product launches, etc.

Recognition Systems

Have your music recognized by Shazam, Gracenote, and other recognition services. We send metadata and audio files to create fingerprints of your works, so your fans will be able not only to recognize your song but also receive important information about the song like how to find it on digital services.

Lyric Rights

We send your lyrics to the most important services worldwide so that when they are displayed, you get paid for it!

Piracy Protection

Our internet crawler monitors thousands and thousands of websites 24/7 to track down the unlicensed URLs offering unauthorized/free downloads, automatically sending takedown notices to offending sites.

Synch Licensing

1710Media works closely with music supervisors, production companies, and Independent record companies seeking opportunities to place their material in film, tv, commercial ads, etc.

We handle registration, royalty collection, PRO membership, music placement, and publishing/song placement consulting.

Sample Clearance

If you have sampled, replayed, or interpolated any pre-existing copyrights in your new recordings, you will need to get clearance for that use from the rights holders. We handle clearances for all types of media rights and formats.

Why chose 1710Media as your Music Administrative Agency

There’s a million different responsibilities to cover, from A&R to marketing to basic administrative tasks. Artists and Record labels often partner with Music Admin management companies such as 1710Media to assist them with essential but time-consuming operations such as distribution, promotion, publishing, copyrighting, licensing and rights management.

  • CONNECTIONS: For independent labels, it can be time-consuming to register with PPL as an individual entity, and an extremely admin-heavy process to register releases. Due to our established and productive relationship with the organisation, we offer more authority behind our requests, and can facilitate this process much more easily, allowing a record label to join PPL more quickly and without any unnecessary obstacles.

  • RELIABILITY: We’ve gained the expertise that enables us to make the right choices for your label, manage your rights effectively and distribute your music royalties with precision and speed.

    Many of the 250 labels on our roster rely on us for digital rights management in music due to our reliability, credibility and competence.

  • FLEXIBILITY: The music rights management we offer is extremely flexible, allowing labels to utilise the option on an opt-out basis.

    We can tailor our label services platform to the specific needs of your imprint, offering a bespoke combination of rights management, digital distribution, music promotion, legal services, and graphic design.

  • KNOWLEDGE: With our vast experience in Music admin Management and established relationships with respected music industry organisations, we make protecting your music easier than ever!

    If your track is ever copied and a dispute arises, our team of experts can help you resolve your conflict in the most effective way.