How to get verified on Audiomack as an Artist, Podcaster or Creator

Audiomack is one of the fastest growing music streaming platforms in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Audiomack is used by music lovers (Listeners), artists, podcasters and other creators. It provides free tools and services for creators to build their music career.

What is authentication?

Authentication is the first step in the audiomack for creators program, a requirement in order to become a verified artist and monetize your music, and comes with exclusive benefits that are free to all creators:

  • Audiomack authentication helps an artist or a creator to be identified with a unique grey check. This unique grey check makes people identify you as a serious creator.
  • The authentication differentiate you from the normal music listeners on the platform.

How do I get authenticated?

Getting authenticated requires users to reach a minimum requirement before being eligible to submit an application to the Audiomack team. Authentication is strictly for creators. Users who are uploading music they are not the creator of, or rights holder to, are not eligible for authentication.

Minimum threshold requirements before applying:

  1. Have at least two (2) uploads
  2. Have at least 25 followers

Application requirements:

  1. Have a profile picture
  2. Link and authenticate the Twitter and/or Instagram account of the creator


Once your audiomack account is is authenticated or verified, it allows you the artist or creator to unlock some special benefits like:

  • Sending all of your fans a message once you release a project.
  • Gaining access to automated notifications.
  • Submitting your songs to be listed In “trending chart”.


  • Click here to visit your dashboard and select “Apply Now” in the top right corner and accept the terms. Now, you can proceed to verify your email (the email address associates with your audiomack).


  • Complete your profile – completing your profile helps audiomack to validate your credentials for authentication.


  • Authenticate and connect your social media handles – Linking your social media accounts to audiomack account helps to validate your details in a faster manner.


  • Review all the details you have provided and confirm its credibility.

Once you are done checking all necessary details, you can now submit your application to audiomack.

NB: It usually takes five (5) to seven (7) days to have a feedback. You should be approved verification once you meet the set standards.

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