How to get a Songwriter Page on Spotify

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Spotify launches “written by” playlists and Songwriter Pages, using credits to group tracks.


We’ve been dreaming of a world where ANY piece of metadata could be used by listeners to explore and group songs: songwriters, producers, beatmakers, guest features, session players, guitar solos, backwards vocal reverb, out of tune banjos, key changes, lyrical themes, and so forth.

Well, Spotify has taken a big introductory step in that direction. They announced the beta-launch of Songwriter Pages and corresponding “written by” playlists. This will make it easier to find tracks by a particular writer, help listeners dive deeper into a songwriter’s catalog, and potentially boost the profile of artists who’ve had more commercial success writing for others.

What do Songwriter Pages and “written by” playlists look like on Spotify?


At launch time, Spotify is debuting Songwriter Pages for people Meghan TrainorFraser T. SmithMissy ElliottTeddy GeigerBen Billions and Justin Tranter. But there’s also an open submission form to request your own Songwriter Page.

Songwriter Page on Spotify

How do you apply for a Songwriter Page on Spotify?

Just go HERE to fill out an online form.

It’s pretty easy — and by easy, I mean it’ll take you a minute to fill out. No guarantees Spotify will quickly grant your request, of course!

But you absolutely should fill out that request form if you’re a songwriter. Whether this kind of feature helps you gain 60 or 600,000 extra streams in the future, it’s the kind of thing that WILL help fans build a deeper appreciation for your work.


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