How To Generate Enough Streams On Spotify and Apple Music From Your Social Media Followers

Whether you are using Instagram or Facebook, your followers have scrolled through and have seen a piece of your content that they have liked and that has engaged them in a way that has convinced them that they want to see more of what you put out. However, in many instances, these followers will not go further out of their way to search your music on Apple Music or Spotify, leaving your streaming numbers inconsistent with the number of fans you have on your socials.


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So, here are a few things you can do to change that:

Add Value

Approaching your followers having the intent to put advertisement in front of their face is a way of instantly disconnecting with your fans. This is because when you make a post just simply saying ‘Stream my latest single now’ or ‘Buy our EP on all streaming platforms’ you are not engaging with a personal reason which would make the follower would want to support you. Engaging through other forms of content and letting people get to know you and what you stand for will make them want to support you and listen to what you are sharing.

Create Engaging Content

This falls into the category of adding value to your audience. You may think that this just means creating videos or pictures that are fun, personal and establish a connection with your fans, which it is! But, what is important is the use of all features on Instagram stories that get people to interact with you, giving their input and getting a response from you, whatever it may be. Ask questions, strike up a conversation or put a poll up so fans can vote on what your next release should be.

You can go the route of sending DM’s to your followers, but if you give them that one reason, that hook that you know will make your song relatable this will help them find something they will connect with. You can do this by going to your follower’s page, see their interests, then include it in your message, or if the song is upbeat and has a motivational element, you can persuade the potential listener that it will cure a ‘down day’ or it will ‘help to get you moving’. Give audiences that one specific reason to listen.

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Look at visual content that isn’t your own 

Content is being shared endlessly on the internet, whether it’s a viral video or a meme, there are so many ways you can get exposure. You don’t have to rely solely on your own content. Putting your newest single over compilation videos, motivational speech videos or anything that you think your music would lend itself well to, can be another way of getting people asking, ‘What song was that?’. Run it as an ad and give audiences visual content to relate to, and if they like the song, make sure there is a link to the track is in the description or bio.


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Run Ads Separately  

Sell more to your audience than advertisement! If you ran an ad for your latest new single or release on Instagram, it won’t come up on your page’s feed, it will only hit out your existing followers, leaving your page a place for original, good quality content that will attract potential new fans looking on your page, instead of them seeing a string of advertisement posts. When you run an ad, these specific posts will reach their feed and stories, allowing them to simply click a link or swipe up on stories (if you have less than 10,000 followers). This breaks down the barriers that people have to go through when trying to reach a link, to then reach your song, whereas if it is right there and ready for them to be redirected to, there will be more of a willingness to click and listen to the song.

-Don’t buy fake followers

This will be transparent when looking at your engagement and interaction. If you have fake followers, the interaction will not be genuine, there will be no real engagement with real music listeners.

-Don’t randomly DM people that aren’t your fans

Even though this is a way to get your music out there, you have to be careful, and try and strike a conversation, you don’t want to just undervalue who you are approaching by just stating that you have a track out and that they should listen to it, it won’t work without that reason why you want them to listen to your song.

– Use the ‘Follow and Unfollow’ method in moderation

This method will prove that over time, you aren’t really gaining fans that like or want to see more of your content, you are just getting a fan because you followed them first, this makes it harder to grow a create content that your fans can latch onto, because you are building a fanbase through courtesy, not through your music or content.

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