How to Add Your Music Lyrics to Instagram

Instagram launched the Music Sticker in 2018, which allows users to embed officially released music in their Story Posts. Since some time you’re now also able to add lyrics as well.

Here is how to do it:

Musixmatch is the key

Although many distributors allow to you to also add lyrics to your next release, you have no guarantee that they make it to the new Instagram feature.

In order to be 100% certain that the lyrics make it there, you should use Musixmatch.

  1. Register a new account with your artist email address.
  2. Apply for verification. (can take a few days, since a lot of people are standing in line)
  3. Add lyrics to your Musixmatch artist profile.


Let your fans know

Lyrics can be one of the most valuable aspect to a song and are often the reason why fans form a longterm bond with an artist. If they can relate to the message of a song they very likely feel like sharing it with their followers, which in turn might lead to new engaged fans.

So let your fans know that they can now share your lyrics when posting about your music, by simply posting the lyrics yourself, or even better, record a short tutorial on how to add the lyrics of your newest single.

If you want to go even a step further you can raffle free tickets for your next shows for everyone sharing your new lyrics to their story.

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