How Musicians Make Money on YouTube

With YouTube, you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to making money off of your videos. From ads to the various programs YouTube has in place, they make it relatively easy for anyone, independent or working with a distributor, to make it happen. In this post, we’re highlighting ways to earn money from YouTube. Let’s get started.


YouTube: Proven Steps To Reach 1Million Views on your Music Video For Free.


YouTube Partner Program

As an independent artist, you can earn money with the YouTube Partner Program by using ads to generate revenue. If enrolled, you can sit back and focus on creating great music while the program matches ads with your channel and audience. With this, YouTube goes ahead and collects the money from those advertisers and sends it over to your account. In order to be eligible to apply to the YouTube Partner Program, a channel must have 1,000 subscribers and received 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.

YouTube’s Content ID

YouTube’s Content ID is a digital fingerprinting system that content creators (like record labels and artists) can use to easily identify and manage their copyrighted content on YouTube. YouTube’s Content ID system scans uploaded videos against the database of music you’ve submitted for protection. If a video that is uploaded matches a work that you own, you can monetize, block it, or track it.
As a 1710Media client, you can upload your music to us and we’ll go ahead and upload it to YouTube’s Content ID system for you. Once we do that, any song that is uploaded gets compared against audio and video files that have been uploaded by many users all over the world. If a match is found, we’d monetize that video that has been matched and claimed to get you more royalties and ensure that your hard work isn’t being illegally shared and monetized by anyone else. Because the last thing you want is someone stealing your hard earned money by taking credit for your work.

How YouTube Content ID works.


YouTube Premieres

YouTube Premieres are a mix between traditional YouTube videos and a live stream. Like a regular YouTube video, you pre-record your video. Then, similarly to a live stream, you play the recording live with a live chat and live donations. While your video is premiering, viewers can chat with other viewers just like a typical live stream. Not only can the viewers chat among themselves, you can hop in and interact with the chat while the video is live, too.
With YouTube Premieres, your fans can send in donations while they watch your Premiere. This opens up a whole new avenue of revenue for creators on YouTube to make even more money from their content. Especially now, while everyone is on lockdown due to the Coronavirus, this feature is the perfect option to help you out in these difficult times.

Requirements and Information on Getting on VEVO.


YouTube Cards

Cards are versatile pop-up screens you can add to your videos to sell tickets and merch, link to pre-release songs and even to other videos. Enabling cards will help push your audience towards places to buy tickets, links to playlists and other videos they might like, or directly to your merch store.

Music Video Distribution; Distribute Music Video on VEVO, Tidal, Amazon and iTunes.

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