How long will it take for my music to hit the stores?

Your music will usually appear live in stores in 3-10 business days. Each store has a different system and delivers at different times, but it is not uncommon for your release to go live on iTunes a day or two later than other stores.

For an approximate breakdown of release times for some of our stores, see below:

iTunes: 1-5 days*

Spotify: 2-7 business days

Amazon MP3: 3-7 business days

Google Play: 3-7 business days

Napster: 3-7 business days

TIDAL: 1-7 business days

Deezer: 1-7 business days

Boomplay Music: 5-10 business days.

If your release is not live in stores after 10 business days, please contact our support team.

IMPORTANT: iTunes randomly selects some releases to go through an internal store review process which can take up to 16 business days – please bear this in mind when scheduling your release, if your are planning any launch or press, have your release up ahead of time.


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