How do I send my music to Apple Music?

When promoting your music, it’s important that you NOT put all your focus on a single streaming service. Your fans aren’t all in the same place; listening is fragmented across numerous platforms, including Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and Apple Music.

Any promo message you share with your entire audience should acknowledge that fact, and Apple Music should be featured alongside other popular services. That’s because as of 2020, Apple Music is second to Spotify in overall subscribers. The numbers break down like this:

  • Spotify: 144+ million paid subscribers
  • Apple Music: 72+ million paid subscribers

Why should I distribute to Apple Music?

That last milestone is significant because unlike Spotify, Apple Music only offers paid subscriptions. Any paid subscription service will pay more for streams compared to a platform that offers a free streaming option.

In fact, Apple Music released a memo to artists, labels, and other rights holders in April of 2021 detailing its per-pay rate as one cent per stream.

That’s quite a bit higher than other platforms. It’s worth remembering, though, that payout rate is an average, not a flat rate. Actual payouts vary based on Apple Music’s total streaming earnings each pay period. However, it’s still an impressive move from a large digital platform to provide more visibility into the payment process.

The other major reason to get your music on Apple Music is simply a numbers game: since it’s pre-installed on all Apple devices, Apple Music has a built-in potential user base. Considering Apple CEO Tim Cook’s report in early 2020 that there are 1.5 billion active iOS devices, that’s a lot of potential Apple Music users! Especially since Apple offers a free three-month trial to entice new users into subscribing. Don’t ignore that huge market of users. Get your music on Apple Music.

How do I send my music to Apple Music?

Okay! Now that we’ve convinced you why you should be on Apple Music, how do you go about doing it?

Just like getting your music on any other music streaming platform, you’ll need to use a music distributor to send your music to Apple Music. 1710Media does the job here. Along with dozens of other streaming platforms, we deliver your music to Apple Music, all for the same one-time fee. And it’s easy to do.


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