About 1710media

About 1710 Media

Making music is a lot of work. You work your butt off writing, rehearsing, performing, recording, mixing and mastering and you’re still not done! In the music business, there’s the music and then there’s the business. That’s where we come in.

1710 Media is a leading Music and Entertainment Agency. 1710 Media gives independent labels and artists access to a global distribution system and a dedicated team that provides all aspects of branding, marketing and promotion services. We undertake Music promotion and general music Public Relations (PR) needs.

We strive to provide independent artist and label partners with access to the resources, relationships & experience required to share their creative vision with a global audience.

We honor our diverse history and embrace the future with unwavering passion & ambition. We are here to help everyone from independent artists to record labels, bands to management companies, Promotional groups to agents and anyone else interested in achieving realistic, self sustaining, long term success through consulting, assisting, guiding and aiding.

1710 Media handles Ditribution of Music and Videos on worldwide Streaming Platforms including iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, Boomplay Music, Tidal, Deezer, GooglePlay, Vevo and many others

1710 Media creates Bespoke Web Sites For Artists, Labels, Streaming Platforms, Music Blogs and other Music and Entertainment related services..

Our knowledge in the music business encompasses with experience in Public and Media Relations makes us achieve our results with ease. We handle the PR while you focus on creating and performing your music.